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Megan is a certified EMDR therapist, and an EMDR consultant-in-training (CIT) - offering 1:1 and group consultation hours. If you are working toward EMDR certification, she can provide 15 of the required 20 hours, required by EMDRIA. 

Individual $120/hour 

Group $60/2 hours (4-6 participants per group)

*all charges subject to HST 

EMDR Consultation: Text
Image by Hannah Olinger

One of the most researched and sought after methods in treating trauma and other mental health challenges.

EMDR helps process trauma and memories stuck in the body - affecting the nervous system. 

Utilizing belief exploration and bilateral stimulation (BLS), painful memories can be processed, and more adaptive beliefs secured.

To learn more, watch the video below!

EMDR Consultation: Text
Image by Smart

Francine Shapiro

"The past affects the present even without our being aware of it"

EMDR Consultation: Quote
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